Standing desk frame for electric adjustable desk


The standing table frame can be mounted on most table tops. When you replace the cover plate of your current standard desk with an electrically adjustable frame, you get an ergonomic electrically adjustable desk.

* This product is only sold in Europe.


The standing desk frame is width-adjustable before installation. You can mount it on a tabletop with a width of 110 to 180 cm and a depth of 65 to 80 cm. Size 110 x 65 cm tabletop is a convenient small office desk.

standing desk frame electric adjustable desk stand up desk

This sit stand desk includes a controller with four memory slots. You can easily adjust the height of the table at the touch of a button. You can set the most common heights for memory locations. The lowest height is 73.5 cm and the highest height is 123 cm if you install the most commonly used 25 mm thick tabletop.

electric desk frame standing desk

The depth of the footrest against the floor is 70 cm. This electric desk frame is sturdy and high quality.

electric desk frame electric standing desk frame

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