Ergonomic mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest computer arm rest


You can easily attach this armrest to your desktop. Resting your hands on the support reduces the strain on your shoulders and mouse hand when working on the computer.

This product code 11288 not any more in production. As a replacement product immediately available for delivery almost similar product code 11035 >>


Ergonomic mouse pad and keyboard wrist rest are in the same combination when you buy this Pauner computer arm rest. We recommend that you try this mouse arm rest if you have mouse hand syndrome. It is better to introduce the computer arm rest with an ergonomic mouse pad proactively even before the pain comes. Mouse hand syndrome is quite common today. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to workplace ergonomics. The keyboard wrist rest is easy and comfortable to use because it is padded and the surface is a comfortable lycra fabric. You can easily attach the armrest to a tabletop up to 26mm thick.

keyboard wrist rest ergonomic mouse pad computer arm rest

The Pauner computer arm rest 11288 is a bit bigger than the other model 11035 so this is also suitable for larger users is therefore better. The thick ergonomic mouse pad guides the wrist to an ergonomically good position when using the elbow rest. They work perfectly together.

ergonomic mouse pad mat keyboard wrist rest computer arm rest mouse arm

The computer arm rest is better than just a wrist rest and an ergonomic mouse pad because the armrest supports the entire arm and the wrist rest would only support the wrist.

computer arm rest ergonomic mouse pad keyboard wrist rest

If you order in the United State you can order from the US online store >>

ergonomic mouse arm rest keyboard wrist rest


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