Saddle chair task chair two part stool


The two-part saddle chair is an ergonomic task chair for men and women.


The saddle chair guides the back to a good upright sitting position. The saddle stool is well suited for use with an electrically adjustable desk, as the saddle chair sits higher than a regular office chair. The two-part saddle stool is suitable for both men and women. You can adjust the width and height of the seat section. The upholstery material is genuine leather. The saddle has a swinging structure that keeps the body active.

saddle chair two part saddle stool task chairtask chair saddle chair stool

The Pauner saddle chair made in Finland is very high quality and comfortable to sit on. The seat section is sufficiently narrow and soft.

saddle stool task chairtwo part saddle chair

The saddle chair allows for a better working position than a standard office chair.

The height-adjustable worktop is well suited for use with this chair.

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